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Advisory Services

In addition to our traditional administration services, Yulish & Associates adds value by helping our clients grow their businesses in a thoughtful and strategic way. Our basic administration fee entitles you to unlimited consulting services. Unlike other administration firms whose clients typically communicate with inexperienced low-level staff, you will have direct access to our principals and their unique pedigrees.

Our Clients Love Us

You guys are the Gold Standard for efficient and accurate Fund Accounting and Administration without all the 'Big Service Provider' bureaucracy.
Mat Martin
MFP Capital, LLC

Review Of Offering Materials

We will review your fund’s offering memorandum and limited partnership agreement, and work directly with your attorneys to suggest improvements.

Back Office Consulting

Our principals have hands-on experience running the day-to-day operations of large funds. We apply this expertise to help clients on various internal control and back-office issues.

Management Company Infrastructure Consulting

Many managers do not fully understand their infrastructure needs at the management company level. We will evaluate your existing infrastructure and identify areas for improvement. We have long-term relationships with other service providers who also can help to enhance management company operations.

General Accounting and Tax Advice

Our principals are CPAs who can consult on a broad range of accounting and tax issues for both the fund and management company. (However, we do not prepare tax returns for our clients, nor audit, review or compile their financial statements; we are glad to refer clients to specialists in these areas.)

Review of Marketing Materials

One of our principals, Joshua Sack, prepared and examined extensive marketing materials while holding senior positions at a substantial fund-of-funds and a single manager long/short equity fund. We will review your marketing presentation and related materials such as due diligence questionnaires.

Statistical Analysis Consulting

In addition to computing your fund’s performance statistics, we will help you to interpret the various results and, more importantly, explain how they will be interpreted by institutional investors such as fund-of-funds, family offices and pension plans. We will help you to answer the tough questions that this sophisticated group of investors inevitably will ask.

"You guys are the Gold Standard for efficient and accurate Fund Accounting and Administration without all the 'Big Service Provider' bureaucracy."
Mat Martin
MFP Capital, LLC
"I only have the best things to say about my experience using Yulish & Associates...they go the extra mile..."
Jeffrey Sarti, CFA
Crosscourt Capital Management LLC
"Yulish & Associates' deep knowledge, attentiveness, and responsiveness has played a key role in the success of the fund since its founding in 2006."
Jon Plexico
Stonepine Capital Management, LLC
"Yulish & Associates' work has been flawless. By far the best administrator I have ever worked with. I just wish I had called them years ago."
Allen S. Adham
Tenfold Capital Management