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Yulish & Associates - Making Clients Happy Since 1993

Chris Moshy

Yulish & Associates partnership accounting and fund administration services are accurate and timely. They are very responsive to inquiries, knowledgeable about industry resources and their work integrates seamlessly with auditor requirements. I would recommend anyone looking for administration services to include Yulish & Associates in their search.

"You guys are the Gold Standard for efficient and accurate Fund Accounting and Administration without all the 'Big Service Provider' bureaucracy."
Mat Martin
MFP Capital, LLC
"Yulish & Associates' work has been flawless. By far the best administrator I have ever worked with. I just wish I had called them years ago."
Allen S. Adham
Tenfold Capital Management
"Yulish & Associates' deep knowledge, attentiveness, and responsiveness has played a key role in the success of the fund since its founding in 2006."
Jon Plexico
Stonepine Capital Management, LLC
"I only have the best things to say about my experience using Yulish & Associates...they go the extra mile..."
Jeffrey Sarti, CFA
Crosscourt Capital Management LLC