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Yulish & Associates - Making Clients Happy Since 1993

Tucker Brockhoff

In hindsight when we selected our infrastructure partners four years ago, choosing Yulish & Associates as our administrator was probably the most important decision we made. It was a relatively easy decision because nearly every lawyer, auditor, and hedge fund that we talked to mentioned their name in high regard. We did not fully appreciate the critical nature of their services until our fund launched and we seamlessly completed our first audit. Since that time we have had nothing but a smooth and flawless experience. The most important priorities for us were integrity, attention to detail, and timeliness and they have delivered on all fronts. Beyond that Josh and Kathryn are just terrific people to work with.

"Kathryn and Josh are truly a dynamic duo: sharp, quick, and deadly accurate.  A truly fantastic service provider."
Casey Fitz-Gerald
Talkot Capital, LLC
"You guys are the Gold Standard for efficient and accurate Fund Accounting and Administration without all the 'Big Service Provider' bureaucracy."
Mat Martin
MFP Capital, LLC
"Their dedication and professionalism have been instrumental in our success, and we highly recommend their services to anyone in need of exceptional support in fund administration. "
J. Timothy Delaney & David Polansky
Immersion Investments LLC
"When you factor in the price, the risk/reward of going with Yulish as your fund administrator is the easiest decision a capital allocator or business manager will make."
Kris Kelley
Legacy Ridge Capital Management, LLC
"Yulish & Associates' deep knowledge, attentiveness, and responsiveness has played a key role in the success of the fund since its founding in 2006."
Jon Plexico
Stonepine Capital Management, LLC
"Accurate, trusted, responsive, clear and concise are the words that come to mind.  We couldn't recommend Yulish & Associates enough as a fund administrator. "
Nikhil & Nitin Gupta
2N Capital GP LLC
"I would advise other start-up funds to look no further -- working with Yulish is a no-brainer."
Jeffrey Keller
Capelight GP LLC
"Yulish & Associates' work has been flawless. By far the best administrator I have ever worked with. I just wish I had called them years ago."
Allen S. Adham
Tenfold Capital Management