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Yulish & Associates - Making Clients Happy Since 1993


As a small, emerging fund, we can rely on Kathryn to confidently address the complexity of fund administration, giving us credibility with our limited partners, greatly simplifying our operations, and letting us focus on what we need to do to succeed. In addition to administration, we rely on Yulish to bring valuable perspectives on fund operations and a view across the industry, which we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Altan Sert
Managing Partner
Princeton Biosciences LP

Being familiar with or having worked with quite a few third-party administrators, Yulish & Associates stands above the rest in the quality of both bookkeeping and service, not to mention price. For small and mid-sized managers, the combination of Kathryn and Josh’s promptness, communication, and, most importantly, incredible grasp of fund accounting is a rare find.

Benjamin Chase Chandler
President & Chief Investment Officer
Canterbury Tollgate

More than just our administrator, Yulish & Associates have provided excellent service to us as we’ve started and grown our fund for over three years. Josh has advised and helped us add IRA custodians, transfer to a better auditor, seek new marketing channels, and optimize a number of business decisions. I love his frank, honest, experience-based feedback. While we engage with our lawyers, tax accountants, and auditors in the middle on many complex issues related to running a hedge fund, Yulish is my first and final go-to for the easy summary of how things work and how they should be. High value, exceptional service.

Mike Cutler
Stratesis Technologies, LLC

Yulish & Associates have proven to be a wonderful partner in our business.  Their capabilities are as you would hope for in a partner: they can handle the regular processes efficiently, and as exceptions and complex transactions are executed, they dive into the details and come to resolutions quickly and professionally.  They have a great grasp of the fund management business and issues commonly encountered.  They are responsive and dedicated.  We moved our business to them years ago, but had I known them earlier, I would have selected them from the beginning.

Peter Woodward
Managing Member
MHW Captial, LLC

Yulish & Associates has been instrumental in helping me build and operate my small partnership.  I honestly believe without Josh’s help, I would have succumbed to some of the operational frustrations we’ve run into and would have shut the fund down a few years ago.  He has acted as an advisor, sounding board, and partner throughout our 5+ years of existence and has been invaluable.  When you factor in the price, the risk/reward of going with Yulish as your fund administrator is the easiest decision a capital allocator or business manager will make.

Kris Kelley
Managing Partner
Legacy Ridge Capital Management, LLC

After over 15 years in the advisory business, we launched a hedge fund. The one constant throughout the process was to use Yulish & Associates as the fund administrator. And they have exceeded their reputation! Y&A provided great insight even before we became clients. All questions are answered promptly. Financials are always spot on on a timely basis. The value they provide far exceeds the cost of their services.

Reggie McFadden
Diversified Investment Strategies, LLC

"Kathryn and Josh are truly a dynamic duo: sharp, quick, and deadly accurate.  A truly fantastic service provider."
Casey Fitz-Gerald
Talkot Capital, LLC
"You guys are the Gold Standard for efficient and accurate Fund Accounting and Administration without all the 'Big Service Provider' bureaucracy."
Mat Martin
MFP Capital, LLC
"Their dedication and professionalism have been instrumental in our success, and we highly recommend their services to anyone in need of exceptional support in fund administration. "
J. Timothy Delaney & David Polansky
Immersion Investments LLC
"When you factor in the price, the risk/reward of going with Yulish as your fund administrator is the easiest decision a capital allocator or business manager will make."
Kris Kelley
Legacy Ridge Capital Management, LLC
"Yulish & Associates' deep knowledge, attentiveness, and responsiveness has played a key role in the success of the fund since its founding in 2006."
Jon Plexico
Stonepine Capital Management, LLC
"Accurate, trusted, responsive, clear and concise are the words that come to mind.  We couldn't recommend Yulish & Associates enough as a fund administrator. "
Nikhil & Nitin Gupta
2N Capital GP LLC
"I would advise other start-up funds to look no further -- working with Yulish is a no-brainer."
Jeffrey Keller
Capelight GP LLC
"Yulish & Associates' work has been flawless. By far the best administrator I have ever worked with. I just wish I had called them years ago."
Allen S. Adham
Tenfold Capital Management