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Yulish & Associates - Making Clients Happy Since 1993


Kathryn Yulish and her team are delightful to work with, producing flawless reporting which we typically receive within a day or two of the month end.  We recently underwent an SEC exam and the auditors were very impressed with the comprehensive and easy to navigate reports provided by Yulish.  We were able to successfully complete our exam with a minimum number of questions and stress.  Her wealth of experience and counsel has been valuable to our business decision making.  We recommend Yulish & Associates highly.

Coe Magruder, CEO
Washington Growth Strategies LLC

“So, what were we looking for in a Fund Administrator, or any service provider for that matter?
1. Accuracy
2. Timeliness
3. Responsiveness
4. Value

What has been our experience with Yulish & Associates?
1. Accuracy
2. Timeliness
3. Responsiveness
4. Value

But best of all, for a startup fund, is the advice and the feeling of partnership that Josh provides. It’s cliche to talk about “partnering” with a vendor and yet that’s exactly how we feel our relationship with Yulish has evolved.”

David C. Vogt
Managing Member
Black Diamond Investors, LLC

“Working with Kathryn Yulish has been an absolute joy! In addition to consistently delivering flawless, prompt accounting for my firm during the course of our partnership, Kathryn has become my trusted advisor whenever I have any accounting or taxation questions. Kathryn’s knowledge and prudent counsel, coupled with her readiness to always make herself available, is priceless. I sincerely recommend Kathryn to any and all investment firms looking for an accounting/fund administration partner who is both committed to excellence and eager to build a long-term relationship and optimize your firm’s success.”

Robb Alexander
Redemptor Capital LLC

Josh Sack and Yulish & Associates have been the best investment our GP has made. As a fiduciary, choosing the right administrator is critical. As a small business, choosing the wrong administrator can morph into your worst nightmare. Yulish is very experienced and familiar with all aspects of hedge fund operations, not just accounting. Their attention to detail is remarkable. On many occasions Josh has gone out of his way to help us even when the issue did not directly pertain to accounting. Hiring Yulish is like getting your own trusted back office but at a fraction of the price. Yulish has added enormous value to our fund and I am excited to recommend them to any manager.

Jeremy Deal
Managing Partner
JDP Capital Management LLC

In hindsight when we selected our infrastructure partners four years ago, choosing Yulish & Associates as our administrator was probably the most important decision we made. It was a relatively easy decision because nearly every lawyer, auditor, and hedge fund that we talked to mentioned their name in high regard. We did not fully appreciate the critical nature of their services until our fund launched and we seamlessly completed our first audit. Since that time we have had nothing but a smooth and flawless experience. The most important priorities for us were integrity, attention to detail, and timeliness and they have delivered on all fronts. Beyond that Josh and Kathryn are just terrific people to work with.

Tucker Brockhoff
Sea Bluff Capital, LLC

Our experience over the past several years with Yulish & Associates as our fund administrator has been nothing short of outstanding. Timeliness and accuracy of client statements has been on par or exceeded our experiences with other administrators. Importantly Kathryn is a valuable source of non-administrative information and has a broad set of industry contacts; both of which have been helpful in managing our hedge fund.

Trent May, CFA
Managing Member
Deer Creek Capital Partners

"I only have the best things to say about my experience using Yulish & Associates...they go the extra mile..."
Jeffrey Sarti, CFA
Crosscourt Capital Management LLC
"Yulish & Associates' deep knowledge, attentiveness, and responsiveness has played a key role in the success of the fund since its founding in 2006."
Jon Plexico
Stonepine Capital Management, LLC
"Yulish & Associates' work has been flawless. By far the best administrator I have ever worked with. I just wish I had called them years ago."
Allen S. Adham
Tenfold Capital Management
"You guys are the Gold Standard for efficient and accurate Fund Accounting and Administration without all the 'Big Service Provider' bureaucracy."
Mat Martin
MFP Capital, LLC